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Boston Isle of Man

Boston Trust Company Isle of Man offers a full range of trust and corporate services to an international client base.

The Isle of Man is a well regulated and highly respected international financial centre and has built up a solid reputation for both private client and corporate structuring for multiple asset classes.

The Island is attracting a high level of interest from global businesses involved in eCommerce and, as a result, the eGaming sector is continuing to sustain healthy growth.

The Isle of Man has a special relationship with the European Union, set out in Protocol 3 to the United Kingdom's Treaty of Accession. Under this special relationship the Island is neither a Member State nor an associate member of the EU but is treated as part of the EU for VAT purposes. It is also worth emphasising that, although the Island's relationship with the EU is through the UK, the Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the Crown and is not part of the UK.

This unique position for VAT purposes has assisted with the growth of the Isle of Man as a centre of excellence for the management of luxury assets. From superyachts to private jets and art collections, the Island and Boston Group are at the leading edge of structuring and administration services for such assets.

Boston Malta

Boston Malta was established in 2012. We have seen significant expansion in recent months under the leadership of managing director Chris Borg.

As a jurisdiction, Malta is thriving and despite the global concerns surrounding banking, the World Economic Forum ranks Malta 13th out of 144 countries in terms of soundness of its banking sector. The appetite for business is healthy and there are many synergies between Malta and the Isle of Man for wealth structuring.

Malta’s full membership of the EU and adoption of the Euro has contributed to it becoming a hub for financial services and the ideal EU platform for international business. It is a well-kept secret that it offers by far the most attractive and efficient tax system within the EU. Malta’s tax system also provides very enticing benefits to expatriates taking up residence or retiring to Malta.

Boston’s services include corporate structuring for private and commercial activities, yacht and aircraft registration and administration and family office services.

Introducing Scott Gibbs as Boston's Brand Ambassador

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